Building Automation

Direct Digital Control (DDC) Systems + Energy Efficiency

At Patriot Air Systems, the future is now. We’re highly skilled at overseeing the design, engineering, and in-house installation of Building Management Systems through Direct Digital Control (DDC). When you’re looking to own and operate a smart, centrally-controlled building, we can serve as your one-stop resource.

Building Management Systems continue to emerge as a go-to choice for the modern building. Institutional, industrial, and commercial building operators alike have discovered that these smart, versatile automation systems not only simplify and streamline their buildings’ processes—but also save their company money. All while minimizing overall impact on the surrounding environment.

Since they’re programmable,  Building Management Systems can run timed schedules and maximize efficiency and ease across a wide range of processes and functions. They can also collect and analyze data, measuring building variables such as temperature, humidity, energy usage, and more. Since this data is sent to the system operator in real-time, any and all issues can be addressed and responded to rapidly. The data can also be studied over time, allowing you to make additional, ongoing alterations to your building’s system—further enhancing efficiency and lowering costs and environmental strain.

Different Needs. Different Solutions.

Your business or building may be seeking to incorporate a DDC system just to control its HVAC system. Or perhaps you’re looking to automate the entire building by controlling additional mechanical and electrical systems. Either way, we can help custom create and then install a smart solution and system that’s ideal for your unique needs.

Smart home automation: remote controlling house temperature, Fahrenheit degrees

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